At Jerry's birthday. Long Live Jerry - as just turned 30. Santa Claus at IBM Santa Claus at IBM.
Marek with balls... Marek loves pools with balls.. Byk turning 30. Our friend Byk with his airgun birthday gift.
Marek in an armchair. Marek helps us choosing furniture. Marek in a pool. Only the pools with water are better than the ones with balls.
Christmas Eve at Grandparents. Christmas Eve at Grunduls' Grandparents. CENSOR ...
Ania turnes 10. Ania celebrates her 10th birthday. Sabina in front of fireplace. Finally they put some fire for me...
Ania and Marek Ania and Marek.. Dominika plays xylophone. Dominika (cousin) plays xylophone.
Marek during his rehabilitation exercises. Marek during his rehabilitation exercises. Almost identical pyjamas. Is that not cute?! Kids in identical pujamas.
Ania and Marek at Filip's birthday. Ania and Marek play Filip's toys during his birthday party. Marek operates media Marek operates media sets.
Filip's birthday. Filip's birthday. Boys absorbed with artificial dog. Ania and Marek Ania and Marek.

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