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    The History of the Page...

The history of the page is quite trivial. Once upon a time a thought came across my mind it is worth preparing a web site (mainly for the use of our acquaintants, relatives...) where they could learn news, watch our fairly fresh pictures. A kind of information exchange.

So the thought came across again and again over the years, up until little Marek was conceived... Obviously we did not know it was Marek at that time, but even if it were Magda a web site was more than recommended...

But the idea got postponed, the will was weak, not enough time... Final insentive was Marek's birth. It was to be full of joy, fireworks etc. Though doctors discovered that Marek was possibly handicapped. Therefore we decided that after Marek would 'get fixed' and after we had the clear picture from all the necessary examinations we would share the news about our son with the world.

Furthermore due to open heart treatment Marek went through we have to thank to all the blood donators and show them the boy they saved the life and share some news as well. We think that is the most appropriate way of communication as not all of them might be very happy to receive mails on Marek... We want to respect their privacy so we issued only the mail with a link to the web site where on the initial page there is a great THANK THEM. Of course, if anyone wants to exchange mails with us - we will be more than happy to share every success on Marek's growing up process.

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    About us...

There is four of us... But No! FIVE already. In November 2006 we have been blessed with a new family member. Jan (John) is now almost 4 year old and what is impossible to hide: incredibly lively. I know, it looked like the whole site is going to be aimed at Marek. He is turning EIGHT soon! He is in the same kindergarden as Janek (though in different groups). They bring lots of entertainment to everyone when they meet in the kindergarden playground. They warmly greet each other, hug etc. It is very sweet. The children in Marek's group became jealous and now also hug Marek at various occations ;-) .

M The head of the family is Gosia (nickname of Margaret). Very busy lady working way to hard. Despite short career breaks due to children - nothing can take her away from the work. PLEASE, HEEEELP!!!

Gosia's hobby is TEA... Dreams:

A Update 23.10.2010
Ania , is now 1 grade of high school. She attends Lyceum named after Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski - class with extended German language programme. To her father's dispair - does not really like the sports classes...

Update 12.02.2005
The Elder sister of beloved Sweet Little One - Ania (=Ann) is first grade pupil of the high school. As she can use computer already, she strongly supported Daddy to finaly build this page (mommy's words), to allow navigating through it right away and watch pictures. Ania is adorable, jolly and good person. She has plenty of manual talents: she loves to draw, paint, cut with scissors, glue, fold origami, model (eg. in clay). She is great mathematician, fair swimmer but ... lazy a bit. She is very nice and dear.


Update 23.10.2010
Marek is turning eight soon. the treatment was successful enough that he still does not need any medicines as well as doctors do not expect the corrective treatment in the near future. Blood leaking in his heart is at the level of any average person.
Marek obviously learns much slowlier than his contemporaries but he has quite positive contact with them. He also learns new skills from younger brother (there will be more about that one - below). The last school-year was a change for Marek - he left his theraphy group nursery and joined integration group (75% healthy kids, 5 kids with some "problems"). We are confident it was a very good change for him. He benefitted a lot from it.

update 12.02.2005
There was some stuff about Marek already... As junior he is an apple of our eyes. Open heart treatment went really well and Marek heals really fast. He got back home on the 8th DAY after treatment!!! The scarf is not yet healed but Marek every day gets more and more happy and talkative. The heart malfunctioning was not isolated handicap. Missing ventricle septum (? not sure of translation) is fairly common for the Down Syndrom. But is anyone out there to diagnose that genetic syndrom looking at his pictures?! On his example we learned how literally painful a simple hick up can be... He is really brave and strong guy!

A Update 23.10.2010
With regret it has to be filed that nothing changed... Walks around... consults... improves... phew.

Aktualizacja 12.02.2005
Dad is a consultant... so he walks around and tries to fix, improve and rationalize. Professionally affected... or maybe he always was like that. He gives advices related to information technology solutions to large companies so he thinks he knows best everything. Probably... but give him something to do. You can get really mad when such "improver" keeps walking around your home.

J Jan is the joungest... but he loves his big brother almost as much as Marek loves him. He already teaches his elder brother tricks, speaking... and plenty usefull but sometimes useless stuff. Some say he is cloned little Adam.

Did you really got down to that point??? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Now all that left to you is to see our pictures

And we will be more than happy to learn what you think about this web site or simply satisfy our curiosity: who popped in with your entry in our Visitors' Page.


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